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~ Hunting Leases ~

There are a number of good resources on the web about hunting and land managagement for hunting:

  • "State, Breeders Clash Over Fatal Deer Disease," Texas Tribune, Sept. 24, 2015
    "Last week, Austin attorney Jennifer Riggs wrote parks department Executive Director Carter Smith notifying him there is 'a substantial chance that claims will be filed' against the department by unnamed clients over the new rules, the question of who owns Texas deer and possible violations of the state Open Meetings Act."
  • The Deer Associates Program at Texas A&M Kingsville
    The Deer Associates Program has regular meetings in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and elsewhere to help hunters and landowners be better managers of wildlife resources by applying scientific research from the Kingsville's Caesar Kleberg Institute. Papers and resources are available on managing wildlife while ranching.
  • Hunting Ethics, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    Good resource on the principles of the hunter's code of ethics, including Fair Chase and the Four C's, and also some information on Aldo Leopold, the man oftentimes considered the father of modern conservation and wildlife management.