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The true, Texas meat goat
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"Spanish Goat Ranchers in West Texas Are Becoming a Growing Breed"
San Angelo Standard-Times
Guardian Dog Program
Texas A&M AgriLife
The meat goat market is doing well these days, and Spanish goats are a hearty breed that produces good meat and is easy to care for. If you have invasive brush and cedar problems, Spanish goats will remove the bad stuff and enhance your grazing. Plus, they are adept at caring for their young and are disease-resistant.

Our herd comes from good West Texas stock, and we manage breeding to ensure that nannies twin and are the healthiest. Call or email to buy nannies or to get a great billy goat as a sire for your herd.

Visit our Goats For Sale Page for more information about buying goats.
Pictures of our herd on the hillsides and around prickly pear.

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